Product Overview:

ZATA ZLW-2 Leaf wetness sensor is of high sensitivity, an important tool to observe and study the leaf moisture, prevent diseases and insect pests, as well as spray irrigation control. The leaf wetness sensor can accurately measure the humidity of the leaf surface, and can monitor the trace water or ice crystals on the leaf surface. The shape of the sensor is simulated by the design of the blade, and the characteristic of the leaf surface can be more accurately reflected in the leaf environment. It measures the presence of fog, moisture, or ice by the change of dielectric constant of the upper leaf surface.

Product Features:
Blade design, and the sensor reflect the water loss process of leaves surface veritably.
Can detect the fog, ice, rain and dew.
Waterproof sealing, can be directly applied to foliar fertilization, spraying, sprinkling irrigation occasions, can be used outdoors.
High precision, fast response, good compatibility, and reliable performance.
Perfect protection circuit and multiple signal output interface.
Technical parameter
Signal output typeVoltage output: 0-2V(output impedance        is about 0 ohm)Current output:4-20mA

(Load resistance <500ohm)

RS485 interface,  Modbus protocol
Power supply voltage3.6-30V/DC12-30V/DC3.6-30V/DC
Static power consumption6mA@24V DC50mA@24V DC

(Two output current channel are both 20mA)

6mA@24V DC
Humidity range0-100%, Accuracy: ±5%
Temperature rangeRange:-40~80℃, Resolution:0.1℃, Accuracy:±0.5℃
Protection levelIP65
Operating environment-40~85℃
Default cable length2 meters, cable length can be customized
Outline dimension65*13*145mm